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Red Baron 3D (PC)

Red Baron 3d cover

General Information

Release date: November 30, 1997

Platform: PC

Type: Simulation

Developer: Dynamix (now Activision Blizzard, previously known as Sierra)

Publisher: Sierra (now Activision Blizzard)

Downloads and Mods:

(Full game download removed - the rights have been purchased by and the game is available for purchase there)

Red Baron 3D manual (pdf 638kb)

TrackIR support (single player) (install instructions) (zip 408kb)

TrackIR support (multiplayer) (install instructions) (zip 37kb)

Revenge of the Jastas III (ROTJ) (website) (rar 92.2mb)

Hell's Angels Super Patch (website) (exe 53mb)

Western Front Patch (website) (exe 63mb)

The Cold War Patch (website) (zip 12mb)


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Gumps BONUS Page - includes a section for helping new players.

Full Canvas Jacket mod by Promised Land Graphics

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Online Squadrons

1st Aerial Battalion (AB1)

124th Lafayette Escadrille (LE)

209 Squadron RAF

Arctic Angels

Black Adders

Black Haze Squadron

Camel Squadron

Gallant Talons

Guardian Angels

Jagdgeschwader 666

Jasta 3

Jasta 5 (J5)

Jasta 9

Jasta 30 (J30)

JGS4 Pan World Squadron

Jagdstaffel 99 (J99)

Knights of the Air

Prussian Jasta 666 (PJ666)



Royal Air Corps (RAC)

US95th Aero Squadron

Wing Walkers (WW)


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