WWI aircraft coming soon to Aces High II

Posted by David on October 21, 2009 12:19 AM

Fokker Dr. 1 in Aces High IIThe Fokker Dr. 1 in Aces High II
WWI seems to definitely be making a revival of sorts in the sim world.  As mods to WWII games go, we have of course Over Flanders Fields (mod for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3) as well as the more recent Canvas Knights, which is a mod in development for IL2 Sturmovik.

And now we have Aces High II by HiTech Creations, which has just announced its WWI expansion, due out by the end of the year!
We are pleased to announce an upcoming expansion to the Aces High plane set that will introduce World War I (WWI) air combat to the skies of Aces High. The initial four plane set will consist of the Fokker Dr.I, Sopwith Camel, Bristol F.2B, and Fokker D.VII.

These new planes will be available in a separate WWI dogfight arena and will also be available for special events. They will be the first planes to use a new damage system with greatly expanded capability.

Release of the WWI planes is expected before the end of the year although it will not be in the next version release.
Fokker Dr. 1 in Aces High II
Fokker Dr. 1 in Aces High II
Fokker Dr. 1 in Aces High II