Rise of Flight's upcoming plans revealed at 7th German Simulator Conference

Posted by David on October 01, 2009 01:32 AM

J99 Longarth had the chance to visit the 7th German Simulator Conference and was good enough to report back some new information about the future plans of Rise of Flight.  It's expected that much of this information will be announced officially within the coming weeks.

Some of the juicy details:
  • a new map is in progress
  • the present map will have options for two types of terrain: a highly detailed version for single player and an optimized version for multiplayer (which should help lower-end computers run the game)
  • skin templates for aircraft will be made available
  • RoF will soon come with DirectX 11 support (Windows 7), making the game even more detailed
  • there will be an SDK for aircraft, including a plugin for 3DMax
  • there will be two game modes: original mode and mod mode.  Original mode will allow the game to run only with the original files, whereas mod mode will allow the player to run any user-made mods.  If the mods are quality enough, they may be reviewed by neoqb and actually incorporated into the core game.
  • a flight recorder will be available soon in a future update
  • in the distant future, there are plans for a complete reworking of career mode and the implementation of a dogfight mode for multiplayer

Nice to see a bit of a roadmap of what's ahead.  A bit disappointed that dogfight mode seems so far off though.  But it's good to know it's in the plans!

Albert Zhiltsov (Loft) and Maxim Goryuchkin of neoqbAlbert Zhiltsov (Loft) and Maxim Goryuchkin of neoqb

The Rise of Flight game display at the 7th German Simulator ConferenceThe Rise of Flight game display at the 7th German Simulator Conference

EDIT: Corrected name of person in the first picture, who is not J99 Longarth, but actually Frank Moellenhof, Project Manager of Aerosoft wearing the J99 shift given to him by Longarth.  Thanks Hasso for the correction :)

(SimHQ and Wings of Honour via homedrome.de (Jasta 99))