Rise of Flight: Closed beta testing starts December 15

Posted by David on December 01, 2008 12:40 PM

FranksValli in the cockpitFranksValli in the cockpit on December 15th!
Just got word that the closed beta of Rise of Flight is coming December 15!  Two weeks!  The participants will be members of the press, and they let me know I'm on the list!  :)  So that should make for a happy Christmas.  If it's alright with neoqb, I'll also be Frapsing some action!

I also asked about conducting an interview with LOFT or VikS, which would be awesome.  But I know everything's "coming down to the wire" and time is short, so they might not be able to participate in an interview at this time.  But to be honest the beta itself should speak volumes!

Very exciting!