Over Oleg's Fields name changed to Canvas Knights

Posted by David on April 22, 2009 05:11 PM

Canvas Knights screenshotJust a quick update to say that Canvas Knights is now the name of the project formerly known as Over Oleg's Fields, which is a series of WWI mods for IL-2.

The official announcement came today:

Officially Announcing the Canvas Knights project from AAA.

Unlike CFS3's Over Flanders Fields, Canvas Knights isn't a complete modification, but merely a bunch of add-ons, which you install to help continue expanding your Il2:1946. This is, of course, for free from AAA team.

For myself, this is mostly a side project, but we have a few other gents working on developing some Great War aircraft, and hopefully some decent scenery. There is a few aircraft in the pipes, and a few gents providing the data for projects. We have currently three new aircraft under production for this, with hopeful plans for more. If you have any thing you wish to contribute, please offer.

We need someone to do a decent map for this so if you feel like offering, please do.
(via Canvas Knights forums at All Aircraft Arcade, Wings of Honour)

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