Over Flanders Fields and Sim Outhouse drama

Posted by David on March 04, 2009 12:16 AM

Well, it looks like Sim Outhouse, which hosts the Over Flanders Fields forums, has pulled the rug out from under the fans by threatening to close down its forum soon:

The primary reason behind the pending closure of the OFF forums here at SOH is not the fact that OFF phase 3 is a commercial add-on. That is a factor, but not the big one.


Getting back to the big reason...
The OFF forums alone are the single biggest cost of volunteer staff/admin manpower here at SOH.
Now...this is not me saying that the whole bunch of you guys are bad! There are a bunch of good members here!
But, due to a select few constant trouble-makers, the OFF forum is always in constant need of a staffer or admin on-duty 24/7 and has been the cause of several staff members giving up over the frustration.

-Moparmike (SOH Administrator)
As a result, the OFF crew have been setting up shop elsewhere, and have since removed the forums link from their main website.

The original OFF Phase 3 forum is still accessible for those who bookmarked it, but it's been removed from the Sim Outhouse forum index.  In the meantime, it looks like a few OFF team members have shown up at the freely-run CombatACE OFF forums.

This is too bad, but I can't say I haven't had bad experiences myself at the OFF forums.  Regardless, it does look fishy that this comes soon after the end of the Sim Outhouse donations drive.  A lot of OFF forum members contributed money to a forum that would only be relevant to them for several weeks after their donations were made.  The SOH admins appear to have no sympathy.  One concerned donor wrote to the admins and received this as a reply:
You made a donation to the
SOH which has been hosting the Off
forums there is a seperate off donation
for which we have been showing medals and that i guess is what you where donating for
but we have had enough of the
bad manners and lack of respect
from the forum
i have been in contact with Mark
and it seems that the off team does not need us
so bye bye
sorry but thats the way it is
You all know I'm not a fan of the OFF forums, but good riddance to Sim Outhouse!  I hope the OFF team can find a greener pasture.