Longtime RB3D website Wings of Valor to shutdown

Posted by David on May 11, 2009 02:16 AM

Chevelle (seated) and some other Hudson Flier Project crew.Chevelle (seated) and some other Hudson Flier Project crew.
(Wings of Valor forums via Wings of Honour)

Wings of Valor is closing down around June, according to site administrator Chevelle.  The website has been a longtime RB3D hub since 2001, and as far as I can tell is presently the most active RB3D forum.

Since the website will soon be down, here's Chevelle's post in full:
Salute my friends.

Yes, it is true. It has been a long time, an eternity in cyber years, but the time has finally come to have WOV evaporate into the cosmic ether.

Why? Well as you all know I haven't exactly been active here. I can't remember when I last fired up RB3D. It was at least two computers ago. I have moved on to an adventure that is truly the opportunity of a life time. What started out as a simple trip to a local museum has ended up with me being a central figure in the construction of a full scale flying replica of a 1910 Curtiss Hudson Flier. But more about that later.

I have decided to close WOV so that I can use this hosting account for a website dedicated to the Hudson Flier project. It really didn't make much sense for me to start up another hosting account.

I can't give you an exact date but WOV will remain until at least June 1st. Given all the work I have to do, it could even be many weeks after that but that day is coming. When I know the actual date, I will post it.

When WOV goes, it all goes. The new site will not use the same name. The new site will have nothing to do with RB. It will have a blog for a chronicle of the building of the Hudson Flier and its 1/4 scale duplicate. Maybe a webcam. A forum, history of the plane and other stuff. When that project is over, a new project will be added, the building of a model of the 1910 AVRO Triplane (and possibly a full scale).

So there you have it. I hope this is enough advanced notice.

I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting WOV. I learned a lot about a lot of things (unfortunately not how to fly any better) and I have no regrets, none.

I hope you all continue to enjoy Red Baron and/or which ever of the new Sims that are coming out.


Hudson Flier work-in-progress. Hudson Flier work-in-progress.  "The replica will fly this summer."

Chevelle's new Hudson Flier project will become his new focus and the reason for his new website.  He explains in another thread how he became involved with the project:
So I am visiting the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY one afternoon.


At the time, the museum's restoration shop was about 90% finished with the America, a replica of a 1914 seaplane. I asked about their next project and was told it was the Hudson Flier.

The museum then tells me that they hope to complete the plane so they can re-enact the Albany to New York flight on the 100th anniversary of the original, on May 29, 2010. Well with all that going for it, I asked if the museum would share their technical data with me so I could build a 1/4 scale R/C model of the plane. They put me in touch with the guy who started the whole thing.

That was two years ago. The fellow that started the project had some 2D drawings he made but to get that far, he did very extensive research to answer a lot of unanswered questions. There are no surviving plans for the plane. Only photographs and textual descriptions. It was an amazing effort to get to the simple 2D drawings.

So I offered to help by recreating the plane in 3D. And the work began.
It looks like these are some original pictures of the replica project.

One project ends and another begins!

Originally released in 1997 as a very buggy Red Baron II, then fixed up and re-released in 1998, Red Baron 3D has seen a nice long lifespan in terms of "game years".  But it's just a matter of time as vital parts of the community slip away.  We've been reminded of this within the last year or so, most notably with the closing of the official multiplayer metaservers, as well as trouble organizing and finding players for the biennial Dawn Patrol Rendezvous.

But the community is amazingly still alive.  So where can a person go to check out what's happening on the Red Baron 3D scene?  Quite a few places, actually:

RB3D.net forum
SimHQ's Red Baron forum
Wings of Honour's RB3D forum
The Aerodrome's games forum
SWWISA Delphi forums
RB3D Yahoo group
WWIAirCombat forum