Semi-Official: Knights of the Sky to be called Rise of Flight

Posted by David on August 20, 2008 08:38 PM

Although no official announcement has yet been made, we've been speculating on the name change of Knights of the Sky for the last week or so. I found the developer blog, which still hasn't been made public, but which calls the game "Age of Flight". FlyXwire/FlyRetired says he's seem the game also called Rise of Flight.

Today's development seems to support "Rise of Flight" as the official name.

Over at the forum at, Cricket Chompa, an admin (THE admin?) says he visited the >Leipzig Game Con 2008 on its first day and talked with the product manager and chief technical officer. According to him, they both called it "Rise of Flight". But even more interesting are the details they provided in the rest of the conversation.

Unfortunately the original post is in German, so it has to be deciphered through Yahoo Babelfish and/or Google Translate.

Here's what I can tell:
They are still looking for a publisher. They plan to release the first version with two (??) aircraft and a huge map. Soon more aircraft will be available, but they will only be an obligatory update if the user wants to fly the new aircraft.

There will be missions with AI and/or player-controlled aircraft (co-op?). There will be no free mission editor - only the developers will have access to the mission editor (boo!) and will create missions that may be sold separately.

The multiplayer component of the game will support up to 128 players (!). It sounds like the game will also come with dedicated server software.

There's also something about ground units being added in further updates. But it looks like there will not be ground units in multiplayer?

At the beginning of next year there will be updates that will introduce three-player flight crews (with a pilot, bomber, gunner).

Chompa went on to say that he saw a demo on an Intel chipset, at it was so smooth that even in heated battles the FPS was well over 40FPS. And all that despite more complex physics modeling!

He says they're at the convention until Sunday. So if anyone wants to fly to Germany and ask more questions, go ahead! Just remember to send me an email if you do. :)