HUGE Rise of Flight update: videos, pics, specs from GC!

Posted by David on August 29, 2008 02:36 PM

Albert Zhiltsov, Game Producer
for neoqb is currently highlighting their exclusive pictures and video of Rise of Flight (formerly Knights of the Sky). This update, while still unofficial, is quite substantial.

Included below, for your consideration... are videos, pictures, and some hands-on impressions, as well as details about the neoqb development team.

Rise of Flight (Alpha): Promo Movie

Rise of Flight (Alpha): Dogfighting and baloon busting!

Albert Zhiltsov (left), Game Producer for neoqb

Here's some quick notes after a gameplay test:
  • The flight model is realistic.
  • The collisions are physically correct.
  • Hardware requirements are quite low.
  • Active ground units.
  • Clouds are dynamically rendered.
  • The cities are large and the maps are enormous.
  • Cockpits and skins are rendered faithful to the originals.
  • Sound is very convincing.
  • TrackIR support.
  • The menu is clear and the controls are easily configurable.
  • Nice intermediate sequences and controls tutorial.
  • Multiplayer with to 128 players.
  • Mission editor is missing.

And here's some info about the development team:
  • Albert Zhiltsov, Gaming Producer (in the photo), earlier projects: IL2 Sturmovik
  • Andrey Solomikin, Lead Programmer-engineer, earlier projects: LockOn, MSFS L39-Albatros ADD on.
  • Michael Samokhin, Lead Artist, earlier projects: MSFX Add on F-104 ua.
  • Daniel Tuseev, Leading Technologist, earlier projects: LockOn Flaming Cliffs, Black Shark.
  • Leonid Cheorny, Director of Technology, earlier projects: Slient Storm, Heroes of Might and Magix V, Blitzkrieg.
  • Sergey Vorsin, Lead Programmer.
  • Andrey Serov, SFX Producer.
  • Dmitry Kulikov, Art Director
(Oct 12 2008 edits: corrected some of the above names/titles at the request of neoqb)

Some more pics:
Some fans of Rise of Flight! :)
Neoqb logo

(thanks to, FlyRetired and Wings of Honour)