Great news for WWI simmers!!!!!!

Posted by David on November 26, 2006 02:48 PM

It's been so long - partly over the sadness of another lost WWI project that was to be Knights Over Europe. But I'm back now, and the WWI flight sim is back on the front lines of the sim games!

I obviously have to edit this page to make room for the new sims - but first let's have a headcount:

First Eagles

Status: Released Nov. 24, available for web download or purchase on
Developer: Third Wire
Distributer: G2 Games
Screenshots: 1 2

I haven't played this yet, but it looks to be in the spirit of Red Baron 3d. There are elements here for the realistic simmer - gunjams, stalls, etc. And there also seem to be arcade-like elements for the softcore simmer. I plan on downloading this eventually!

Knights of the Sky

Status: In Development - Fall 2006 Release?
Developer: GT
Screenshots: 1

The screenshots look beautiful, far and away the best detail I've seen in a flight sim. Also, it seems the team first was going to use the IL-2 engine, but now they're developing their own. If they get the physics engine right, this should be the best available WWI sim on the market.

Over Flanders Fields: Phase 2

Status: In Development
Developer: (Independent Development Team)

New version of Over Flanders Fields in development. Again, very nice detail here (going by screenshots of the original OFF). The only downside is that it's an addon for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3 (CFS3). However, it seems to be worth it - this is a very well-praised addon.