WWI on Twitter

Posted by David on December 04, 2008 01:07 AM

Twitter: Spitfires: WWI flying aces really need to get their act together. YOU CANNOT HAVE 50 DIFFERENT THEORETICAL DEATHS. NOT COOLIt seems a lot of the world is abuzz about Twitter lately.  I myself fell into the craze and have become somewhat obsessed with Twitter Search specifically, searching for subjects that interest me.  Aside from geeky things such as frontend web development and general programming stuff, it's fun to search for things related to WWI.  Interesting to see the world is still pretty busy discussing something that happened nearly 100 years ago now.

Incidentally, this is how I chanced upon the news about the new WWI exhibits in Australia and New Zealand.

Alright - just to get you started:
Twitter search for WWI
Twitter search for Red Baron (lots of diverse stuff here, for better or worse.  From people talking about pizza to some music remixes)
Twitter search for Sopwith