WWI aircraft coming to Virginia Beach Airshow this weekend (May 16-17, 2009)

Posted by David on May 11, 2009 03:52 AM

Warbirds Over the Beach: Viginia Beach AirshowAirshow at the Virginia Beach Airport
Don't let the poster fool you - there will be also be some WWI aircraft flying at Virginia Beach this weekend!

The Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach is hosting its first annual airshow called Warbirds Over the Beach.  They've teamed up with the Great War Aerodrome to bring in a variety of aircraft and their pilots, as well as to provide a meeting place for replica builders, historians, artists, modelers, and WWI re-enactors.  Check it out if you're on that side of the Atlantic ocean!

Here's some aircraft scheduled to appear:

Sopwith PupJerry Yagen's Sopwith Pup scale replica
Roland Gilliam's S.E.5aRoland Gilliam's S.E.5a
Bill Drummond's 7/8 Nieuport 11Bill Drummond's 7/8 Nieuport 11
Larry Botsford's Curtiss JennyLarry Botsford's Curtiss Jenny
Jerry Yagen's Fokker D.VII replicaJerry Yagen's Fokker D.VII replica
Jerry Yagen's Fokker Dr.I replicaJerry Yagen's Fokker Dr.I replica

Also expected to make an appearance are the following:

Nieuport 17 (Dan White)
AVRO 504 (Blue Swallow project)
Nieuport 24 (Aviation Institute of Maintenance WWI Student Project)

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