Will Rise of Flight be available on Valve's Steam?

Posted by David on January 18, 2009 03:04 PM

Rise of FlightAs far as neoqb is concerned, Rise of Flight is still expected to be released in Quarter 1 of this year (2009).  But so far they have only been officially announced to be published in Russia under ND Games.

So will it be released as a digital download?  In short, YES!  Loft answered this question in my recent interview with him:

Methods of game distribution will be traditional: we will have hard and digital copy. At the same time various combinations of these methods can be really interesting approach which we aspire in our project. Valve’s Steam client surely applies to our strategy conditions for Rise of Flight distribution.
There's definitely some interest in Steam specifically, and this is further supported by a recent post by Loft on a Russian forum (sukhoi.ru):
1. When? (possibly the level of quarters)
2. Where will it be available to acquire abroad?

1) Q1 2009 - 90% (Stage 1)
2) Steam (on the other thus far I do not know too much negotiations and too little sense)
Meanwhile, after some long breaks in RoF blog updates, there's expected to be a "tasty" update this week, as revealed by FlyRetired's communications with neoqb:

NEOQB's business manager Max Goryuchkin forwarded a few ROF tidbits today that might be of interest:

1). about release date - our aim is to make "Rise of Flight" available to everybody at the same time all over the world.

2). Some special "tasty" update on the next week.

I've heard the tasty update is already 95% completed.
Sounds like the beta version they've been working on :)