What you've been waiting for: introducing the Fokker Dr. 1 and Sopwith Camel for Rise of Flight!

Posted by David on October 23, 2009 11:00 PM

The Fokker Dr. 1 and the Sopwith Camel, what many thought should have been included in Rise of Flight by default, are now coming in the upcoming patch 1.008!  Neoqb's Lefty says the patch it due late October, which is essentially next week.

More details about 1.008 will be revealed when the patch is released.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these new and truly amazing screenshots (click for higher quality).  And if you're still not satiated, check out some of the old videos with the Camel and Dr. 1 from when the game was still in development (scroll to the bottom under "Related videos").

The Sopwith Camel in Rise of Flight patch 1.008The Sopwith Camel: its pilots said it offered a choice between "wooden cross, red cross and Victoria Cross"
The Fokker Dr. 1 in Rise of Flight patch 1.008The Fokker Dr. 1: "It climbs like a monkey and maneuvers like the Devil!" -Manfred von Richthofen (the Red Baron)
The Sopwith Camel in Rise of Flight patch 1.008
The Fokker Dr. 1 in Rise of Flight patch 1.008Update: "I'll have videos of each for Monday." -Jason (777 Studios)

Related videos:

Flying Fokker Dr. 1
Promo 8: Airflow Demo
Promo 7: TrackIR in the Fokker Dr. 1
Promo 6: Sopwith Camel In Flight
Promo 4: Sopwith Camel engine demo
Three Fokker Dr. 1s in flight

(SimHQ forums via Rise of Flight forums)