Video: RoF blog update: tracer fire video and screenshots

Posted by David on March 24, 2009 03:46 PM

Tracer effects on RoF (click to view full)It's been about two weeks since a Rise of Flight update.  Last we heard from them was in a somewhat controversial interview I posted here with Loft regarding internet connection requirements (which set off a firestorm of comments on sim forums and prompted Loft to post a clarification on the RoF blog, which set off a firestorm of comments of its own).

But with that (somewhat) behind us, now we're ready for our regularly-scheduled updates!

The RoF blog update posted today gives us a look at tracer bullet effects with a nice dogfight video and screenshots!

Rise of Flight interview (demo confirmed!)
Video: Rise of Flight interface (high quality)
Video: LOFT vs. VikS dogfight extravaganza