Video: Rise of Flight says Hello!

Posted by David on November 19, 2008 11:24 AM

Thanks to and Neoqb, there's a new video up today that was posted on YouTube.  The first half of the clip is a little tour of the office (lots of faces we haven't seen before!) and the second half is a tour of the game itself.  There's some familiar videos from the two most recent Rise of Flight promo videos, but there's also a lot of new footage.

Here's some info on the footage:

At the Leipzig Game Convention 2008 we have got aquinted with Sergey Buragin ( who is a enthusiatic flight simulators fan. He was one of the first in the world who tested our "Rise of Flight" . Previous wekeend Sergey organized a cyber-competion the SIMLAN08 for fans of flight simulators. We have been also invited to this event. But unfortunately, Albert Zhiltsov - the producer of “Rise of Flight” couldn't visit that competion personally but he said "hello" virtually. Here is an exclusive video for the SimLAN 2008.

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Edit (Nov 25): Fixed blog link.