Video: Rise of Flight Musique Plus TV review (French)

Posted by David on April 18, 2009 11:12 AM

This video review is from a French Canadian TV station "Musique Plus".  But it's in French!  Cold_Gambler at the SimHQ forums was able to sum up some of the video (text via Wings of Honour):
  • These are just images from alpha; the moderator has received the beta but didn't have a chance to get any of the images from it for the show
  • The flight model is "a little complicated" but you can simplify things by applying avionics and autopilot (acknowledges that these things did not exist at the time)
  • He compares it to IL2 with respect to the attention to detail regarding the external model, flight model and cockpit details
  • He notes that "ratÚs de moteur" (engine skips) and carburator starvation can be disabled
  • He remarks upon the high level of detail of the ground units
  • The damage is hyper-realistic
  • Asked "can you play with a keyboard?" You can but really need a joystick
  • Then he talks about the slideshow of atmosphere and aircraft components, but the slides are in English so no need for translation
  • Didn't get a chance to fly in clouds (?) but rain on the goggles actually limits visibility
  • He indicated (as we know) that it is now in beta, with squads doing testing. And they end with a little speculation about release dates (2 weeks ;-))
The physics demo was created by neoqb and is also available on IGN:

(via Wings of Honour, Rise of Flight beta forum)

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