Video: Rise of Flight in-game training film

Posted by David on November 27, 2008 05:03 AM

Today's Rise of Flight blog update offers the in-game training video for new pilots.  You're taught by a strangely familiar "Eddie" (some call him "Rick") who teaches you the ins and outs of flying with either the keyboard or with joystick (and even pedals)!

The blog post itself describes the attempt to appeal to all sorts of gamers - not just hardcore flight simmers.  In the attempt to appeal to new pilots, they described how they wanted to implement in-game characters who can move around and show you the ropes.  This IS very different for flight sims but it's awesome, and definitely a step in the right direction towards humanizing the whole thing.

Also, you may want to check out the Key Features and Game Info pages on the Rise of Flight site.  They've both been updated.  For one, recommended system specs have been upped to 2.8GHz, 3gb RAM, GF9800 series.  Dang!

As for Key Features updates, we get official confirmation of a mission editor among other things:
  • Mission editor with different level of complexity
  • Unique system of awards and ratings in a cooperative mode of the game. It is based on a growth of a player competence in the field of game and history knowledge
  • Flexible adjustment of realness of modelling of planes
  • Animation scenes with characters, whose prototypes are real pilots of the World War I
  • «Career» mode - generated missions on the basis of the historical data about actions of the aviation in 1917-1918. Users can choose a plane type, a regiment and a date with which they wishes to begin their career
  • «Network» mode - a command game mode in which each of parties has fixed objectives simulating real fighting situations. This mode includes filters, various competitive elements and also the united system of statistics which is based on system of «professions» where you can carry out different tasks to get special points
  • Opportunity to buy additional planes and other military equipment and use it in the «Network» mode

Looking good so far!

Rise of Flight
New pilot photos look familiar...