Trailer: Snoopy WWI Flying Ace

Posted by David on November 07, 2008 09:56 PM

Alright, so I've got to take a break once in a while from reporting on the ultra-realistic and hardcore WWI flight games out there.  Some people seem dead-set against against arcade games, but I think they can be a lot of fun.  A lot of the old Red Baron 3D folk bought up Wings of War when it came out.

Awesome graphics, but it turned out to be just a touch too much arcade for them.  But it was fun!  (By the way, I still need to play it - I actually got my hands on a copy thanks to Doug Tabler, a reader, who was gracious enough to mail it to me with a CD full of addons for the game...  I still need to give it a go!  Thanks again Doug!)

Anyhow, here's a game that doesn't make any attempt at hiding what it is: about as arcadey as you can get, but it looks like loads of fun!  It's the latest in the series of Snoopy flying games: Snoopy WWI Flying Ace.  Hey, whatever gets people interested in the genre, that's what I say!  :)

(via Kotaku)