Target: Flanders becomes... Richthofen's Skies!

Posted by David on June 02, 2004 12:00 AM

I knew Target: Flanders was still in the process of being developed, but I didn't know they were this productive! Looks like they've got a great development team. A very nice website as well! And check out the GREAT screenshots. Very nice work!

The announcement came on Target: Flanders forums.

Richthofen's Skies is currently in beta

"Richthofen's Skies aims at creating a community based W.W.I Server for the Targetware engine. Richthofen's Skies authentically simulates part of the early 20th century aviation environment - the aerial combat during WW1. This mod is designed to be both appealing and challenging to anyone interested in tactical air combat of the period.

Richthofen's Skies will:

  • Make each and every aerial victory a significant and dramatic event.
  • Make every flight challenging.
  • Make the simulated aerial combat an individual experience bringing each virtual pilot a sense of achievement.
  • Promote team work in order to accomplish growth within the mod"