Superpatch 1.32 for Over Flanders Fields released

Posted by David on August 09, 2009 11:41 PM

Over Flanders Fields logoOver Flanders Fields has been a awfully been quiet lately, but now we found out why!  Yesterday the team released Superpatch 1.32, which looks like it includes improvements to just about everything from the quick start generator to the graphics and sound!

After much more gnashing of teeth and research we are proud to present the following important improvements:

Improvements and Fixes in V1.32

• new quick scenario mode  - puts you right in the action!
• new pilot lock (be invincible for quick combat, and quick scenario)
• new includes new terrain patch. more detail, sharper new textures and more.
• new "air start" option for campaign!
• new airfield graphics/improved airfield tents and hangars - more detail for immersion
• spad fm stall speed fixed
• se5a & se5a viper model improved lewis drum, plus minor changes, bomb loadout moved.
• nieuport 11, 16, 17 lewis drum model improvements
• dfw wing compass fix
• aircraft skin improvements and fixes for some se5a viper, spads
• new damage effects and levels
• mp aircraft configuration backup  - backs up fm xdp config and online
• new manager graphics
• improved sounds
• flak accuracy corrected / improved

(Polovski at the official Over Flanders Fields forums)
It's definitely nice to see some more action on this front!

You can download the superpatch at the Over Flanders Fields website.

Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven and Hell now available for $29.99