FALSE ALARM: Storm of Aces

Posted by David on February 26, 2005 03:57 PM

Update: It turns out this is an old sim from 2000. Looks very good though. I can't seem to find many references at all on the internet, unfortunately. WWI Sims, and sims in general, seem to have long passed away, sadly.

Original post:
The link is best viewed with IE (Firefox has a hard time with it).

I was looking for WWI boards when I found ArgonV's comment posted today on biohazcentral.com - linking to this site! It has pictures and videos and all!

Flight model looks a bit rough from the videos - nothing can really compete with Red Baron (I wonder if it's possible to hack the FM?). Also, one of my favorites from Red Baron - transparent cockpit - seems to be evident in the videos. I also like that it's not inherently an arcade game. Let's hope this develops a bit further!


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