Woo! Redesign in progress!

Posted by David on October 29, 2007 05:48 PM

Alright! So I finally got around to redesigning the website! This has given me the much-needed opportunity to clean up the site and update lots of links. This is still in progress - there's some things that don't work quite right yet!

I've also removed lots of links. My site has, in the past, been a place where I primarily hosted news. I hope to expand this and start hosting content on my site here, starting with screenshots.

My primary reason for this is to set up a nice centralized place online for all available content regarding WWI Sims. It's become very clear to me that a lot of fan sites that host this valuable content are not permanent and can disappear at any time. Since I have the bandwidth and plenty of space, I want to start hosting more content and keep it around as long as possible!

So, first thing to look for: screenshots! Then later on I will start hosting mods and such.

Also sometime in the future I have plans to set up a forum here, but at the moment I don't think I have enough visitors to warrant this. If you would like to see a forum here, let me know by sending a quick email to david.b.calhoun@gmail.com