SimHQ's new preview of Rise of Flight!

Posted by David on February 26, 2009 11:38 PM

It will be a while yet before we see the final gold version of Rise of Flight, but based upon this build, it has every potential to be one of the classics.
That's high praise coming from SimHQ's Doug "guod" Atkinson, who got his hands on an early build of Rise of Flight to review.  SimHQ's last preview of Rise of Flight was way back in March 2007, nearly two years ago, so this comes as a much-needed update.  The first thing that strikes me is that it's quite obviously the most comprehensive independent review of RoF to date, and it has loads of pictures and videos to go along with it!  This adds to the recent onslaught of updates that we've seen lately on RoF, signaling its arrival in the coming months (if all goes to plan, it's due for release in April).

You can check out the article here.  Also be sure to check out the RoF aircraft in the new SimHQ calendar.

(will post the videos and more pics here if/when I get the go-ahead)

(via SimHQ)

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