Server issues

Posted by David on October 12, 2008 04:23 PM

I'm well aware of the recent increase in "500 internal server error" problems that have been plaguing my site, and I'm afraid there's little I can do on the software side.

I run this site, as well as my main site on the same server on a shared account using Dreamhost.  Actually it's been a pretty nice web hosting service, especially in terms of bandwidth offered to customers, which has allowed me to host high quality videos as well as mirror copies of game addons (especially for Red Baron 3D).

However, recently there's been an increase in traffic, especially in traffic to one of my blogs on my main site, including spam bots and hotlinking of images.  This has resulted in a great number of requests to my server, and as a result a PHP script killer run by Dreamhost started kicking in, which results in those 500 errors.  It also results in broken PHP scripts, resulting in me having to reinstall most of my PHP scripts, but that's another story..

So for now, all you can do really is refresh the page.  That usually fixes the problem.  I will probably start looking into dedicated hosting later next year.  Haven't decided whether to implement advertising or a little PayPal donate button to make up for the increased costs, however tacky that might be...