Sad news for Richthofen's Skies

Posted by David on November 26, 2008 12:40 AM

Richthofen's Skies (For the Targetware Flight Sim Environment)Some bad news for the small community of Richthofen's Skies folk posted by Mossie (Project Director):

The server supporting RS both live and dev is going to shut down permenatly. Vespa (of TT) has been supporting us in hosting the game and is unable to continue.

So shortly RS will go off-line.

No decision has been made about reopening, we have to discuss withtin the Dev Team.

More news later.
There's also mention of development of a new Richthofen's Skies release, but that development may soon be halted.  It seems I missed the original announcement back in September.  It's good to see development continue.  I remember playing the game back before its release in 2004, and despite the best efforts of the community, I think the drawbacks of the sim are due to the game engine.  Even in 2004 it seemed outdated.  I though there was something wrong when my then-ancient graphics card could run everything smoothly.  But for all I know, maybe things have changed.

One of the things that's always impressed me was its website.  Despite the sim's shortcomings, the website was top-notch.  But there's a slight problem when the news hasn't been updated since 2006, and when the update before that was in 2004.  You've got to keep everyone informed!  But I suppose that's what the official forum is for.

Anyhow, here's hoping they get some new servers and development continues!

(Wings of Honour via the Richthofen's Skies Forum)