Russia's contribution to WWI sims.. err.. WWI air combat

Posted by David on February 25, 2009 11:24 AM

Monday February 23 was Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia, and to celebrate, Kate, the manager of neoqb PR, posted an update with a bit of history of Russia's involvement in the air war in World War I.  Forgive some of the Engrish  ;)

At the World War I Russia have not only taken a part in warfare at the sky but also have build aircrafts – not only their own, but also under licenses of foreign factories.  One of these aircrafts was Nieuport 17, produced by the Russian factory “Duks” under French license. In Russian history of the aviation Nieuport 17 was the main WWI fighter and remained in service during the Civil war. Famous Russian pilots of the World War I Ivan Smirnov and Alexander Kozakov made plenty successful flights on it.
Remained in service during the Civil War?  Of course that may sound anachronistic to American readers, but of course they're referring to the Russian Civil War, not the US Civil War.

Oh, and there's pictures to go along with this post, too!  :)

Nieuport fighter

(via the Rise of Flight blog)