Drumroll please... the Russian name for Rise of Flight will be...

Posted by David on October 31, 2008 01:00 PM

Russian title of Rise of Flight: Война в небо: 1917 (War in the Sky: 1917)Us English-speakers might not have been aware, since we only read the English version of the Rise of Flight blog, but neoqb held a competition to decide what the Russian name of the sim would be.  Presumably "Rise of Flight" sounds cool to English-speakers, but it doesn't make sense in Russian!

The contest was very popular, with lots of suggestions from everyone.

The winning title turns out to be Война в небе: 1917, which translates to War in Heaven(?) or War in the Sky: 1917.  The title was suggested by Russian simmer "Teeth".  He gets a mention in the credits!  Congrats!

Runners up included Fighters First World War (suggested by Vaal) and Battle of the Sky (suggested by Tristan).

All contestants won T-shirts and USB flash drives  :)