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Posted by David on April 20, 2009 02:41 PM

Rise of Flight collector's editionLast week we learned from the RoF blog that Rise of Flight will be available in hard copy in Russia and CIS countries (former Soviet Republics) and soon after in digital form for the rest of the world:

In Russia and CIS countries Rise of Flight will be released in a limited edition of 15 000 jewel-packs and 2 000 unique collection editions.

After all copies of these editions will be sold out, Rise of Flight can be purchased in digital distribution on the world price (will inform later where and how). Advance order (Russia and CIS) of our game is now open.

In any country in the world, and at what price would you buy a ROF, you can play from your home country, if you have Internet access.

Previously the regular boxed version of the game was 499 rubles and collector's edition was 899 rubles, but today we've learned that the price of the collector's edition has been increased to 1400 rubles due to manufacturing costs:
Unfortunately, under an agreement with the developers, we had to change the price of the collector's  edition. This is due to the fact that with our Napoleonic plans to create quality content for the box, it does not want to fit into the agreed budget.

Simply put, the collector's badge that you will find inside the box - is very expensive to manufacture, almost manual work. We could abandon such a beloved icon, or raise the price. After long negotiations, it was decided to raise the price.

Incidentally, this edition is indeed very collectible. It will be released a limited edition and more will not be printed.

And now the good news: everyone who has had to order and pay for the game on the old price, they get the old price. No extra cost is not necessary.

P.S. And, incidentally, on another thread, I warned that the price might be subject to change.

(via Jeanne of ND Games PR)
Hopefully us non-Russians will be able to have a chance at purchasing hard copies of the game ourselves!  It would be very nice to have a chance at buying a collector's edition, and I'm sure many people would be more than willing to pay!

(NG Games forums (Russian) via (Russian))

Rise of Flight collector's edition revealed