RoF blog update: regarding political comments

Posted by David on December 04, 2008 12:44 AM

Eddie Rickenbacker (real life) and Eddie Rickenbacker (in RoF)Eddie, meet Eddie
The latest Rise of Flight blog update is regarding some disputes over the choice of American ace Eddie Rickenbacker for the inclusion in the instructional films and tutorials in the game.  It's true that Rise of Flight is hoping for a release in the U.S. market, which may factor into the choice, but it's also true that Eddie's just a recognizable figure, a likable character, and just an overall cool guy, doggonit!

But there's also some favoritism because as it turns out, some of us Americans on the forums provided a LOT of research early on.  FlyRetired and a few others come to mind.
On the first stages, American community were the first that truly believed in our project, we received some really valuable information from their side. If each and every country, participated in the WWI, provide us with the same amount of information we will gladly present it in our project, including the one and only Russian combat aircraft :) So please guys free your mind and let us build together our community without any politics.

Can't we all just get along?  :)

Oh yes, and on that note, check out this site showcasing the Russian aircraft of WWI - interesting stuff, including a four-winged plane!

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