Rise of Flight to be released in North America on June 8, 2009 by 777 Studios

Posted by David on May 19, 2009 06:06 PM

Rise of Flight US Box cover

777 Studios issued a press release via SimHQ, effectively saying that they will publish Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War in North America, and it will go on sale starting June 8, 2009.  According to the website, the game will retail for $39.99.  View the official press release here.

Great news for a sim once thought to be vaporware at various times in its development!  The game has already been on sale for several weeks in Russia and CIS (former Soviet republics) countries, and screenshots and video have been flowing out in a steady stream.

Stay tuned!  Jason V. Williams, the founder and president of 777 Studios, says he will issue a "more formal announcement" later tonight.

Update: Rise of Flight to be shown at E3 by 777 Studios; demo confirmed; hints at box contents: "The disk version will be in a cool looking box as you can see, include a good size map of the theatre with a cool poster on the back, a helpful user guide and a keymap with some custom art on the back of that. Oh and the disk of course. :-) The packaging and its contents will be revealed once it's ready."

(via SimHQ forum)

Rise of Flight: new screenshots from the past week
Rise of Flight screenshots from the release week (May 2009)
Rise of Flight released in Russia, explosion of screenshots ensues!