Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War wins Judge's Choice Award at Level Up Game Demo Challenge 2009

Posted by David on September 22, 2009 11:51 PM

Intel Level Up 2009Intel announced the winners of its Level Up Game Demo Challenge for 2009. The yearly competition had a judging panel starring industry legends such as Will Wright, Sid Meier, and Brad Wardell who selected the winning game demos from a group of 22 finalists from around the world. Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War demo got an honorary Judge's Choice award.

Level Up 2009, Intel® Visual Adrenaline Game Demo Challenge is a worldwide competition providing developers greater exposure to the gaming community. The games have been judged in three categories: Best Threaded Game, Best Game-on-the-Go, and Best Game Optimized for Intel® Graphics.

And also in addition to the category prizes, there was a special judge’s choice award which was awarded to a qualifying entry, purely at the judge's discretion. Valuable prizes have been awarded to help jump start the success of the winning games.  For example Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War (RoF) game producer Albert Zhiltsov has won the opportunity to present RoF to gaming industry leaders at an upcoming Intel Visual Computing event in 2009.

Attendees at the 2008 event included Will Wright, Gabe Newell, and Rich Lawrence, among many others. So Albert will receive the opportunity to demonstrate the game and talk about how it was developed and plans and desires for marketing it on-stage in front of major developers, distributors and publishers from the gaming industry. This will be an amazing opportunity to gain contacts, and to receive feedback and help from the experts.

Didn’t try RoF demo yet? You have a chance to try what impressed so legendary judges here!

Game description:

Rise of Flight is a state-of-the-art PC flight simulation title that sets a new standard in fidelity, beauty and realism. The game puts you right in the pilot’s seat of the greatest World War 1 aircraft (Spad 13.C1, Fokker  D. VII, Albatros  D. Va and the Nieuport 28.C1)! Historical references and modern computer graphics were combined to render more than 100,000 square kilometers of French countryside that is disfigured by a terribly cratered battlefield. You can rise through the ranks from a green Lieutenant all the way to full Colonel.

Feel the real flight! Hurry up! Put on your flying goggles and silk scarf! The enemies are approaching! Who will be the next Manfred von Richthofen or Eddie Rickenbacker?

Demo description:

Demo-access for Rise of Flight provides you with 1 aircraft available for piloting (Spad 13.C1), and three missions: first mission of Training campaign, “Russian roulette” and “Single Patrol” missions.

Albert ZhiltsovAlbert Zhiltsov biography:

Albert Zhiltsov is a game producer at the neoqb company. Albert has been working in the game development industry since 2004. He became interested in this area as an active member of the fan community of a legendary game "IL-2: Sturmovik." Among virtual pilots he is known as Loft. Albert participated in both Russian and International gaming contests for "IL-2: Sturmovik" and repeatedly became a winner in the "Individual Air Fight" and "Paired Air Fight" categories. Being a true fan of virtual aviation he assembled a group of developers, which created "IL-2: Sturmovik" add-ons, like the IL2 Server Commander (multifunctional application for "IL -2: Sturmovik" servers management) and "ADW-Air Domination War" (MMO add-on for "IL-2: Sturmovik"). Today these add-ons are still used by many game fans all over the world. Albert started developing games in a small team of only 3 people which has turned into a company with more than 50 employees. They strive for helping gamers all over the world to fulfill their dreams in the virtual sky.

(thanks Kate @ neoqb)