Rise of Flight release pushed back again to June 23rd

Posted by David on June 18, 2009 06:30 PM

So what exactly is up with Rise of Flight?  As it turns out, there's been a few bumps in the road (grass?) and according to North American distributor CompuExpert, it will now be released on June 23rd or earlier.  This date comes from an updated sell sheet by CompuExpert.  That's more like it!  A traditional Tuesday release.  :)

Despite this, retailers are being a bit conservative in their own estimates, with the release date being listed as June 25 at GoGamer and June 29 at Amazon.  And speaking of Amazon.com - they now have a nice description of the game, along with pictures and a video.  And in terms of sales rank, Rise of Flight is currently #1 in PC flying games!

Anyhow, this delay has got some people who preordered a bit frustrated, as evidenced by this SimHQ thread that's already at 150+ posts.

Jason Williams, the president of 777 Games, who I had the pleasure of speaking with at E3, has apologized and assured everyone that everything has been sorted out already, and the game will be released in a matter of days, not weeks or months:
Due to some unforeseen issues in production of the retail units, the official release of Rise of Flight is delayed a couple more days and won't make the intended June 17th release. We apologize immensely for the delay and want you to know that the delay is NOT related to the actual game code in any way. There were simply some logistical issues that have held up the initial production run. Everything has been sorted out and production will continue ASAP. The new anticipated release is later this week or early next week.

(Jason's post on SimHQ)
No worries!  We've been waiting for this for years, so surely a few more days won't hurt (though the anticipation appears to be driving some people mad!).  Let's hope the release goes smoothly, and cross our fingers that we don't crash neoqb's servers when we all try to log in for the first time next week. ;)

Rise of Flight release pushed back to June 17, 2009
Rise of Flight to be released in North America on June 8, 2009 by 777 Studios