Rise of Flight release date set for May 7, 2009 (for Russia and CIS countries)

Posted by David on April 26, 2009 08:06 PM

In case you hadn't heard, last week on the Rise of Flight blog it was announced that the game would be released in Russia and CIS countries (former Soviet Republics) on May 7, 2009.  This was also echoed by the publisher ND Games, who announced this in addition to the game going gold (which is strange since it appears the game is still undergoing beta testing, which started only a few weeks ago).

Today there was a nice surprise from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, which offered a bit of a review of the ROF beta thanks to reviewer Tim Stone.  He had some good things to say, especially concerning the damage modeling, but he was also brutally honest about the difficulty of simply trying to take flight unprepared, with no training.  That says something for the realism, but also creates a bit of a learning curve.  The same applies to the level of difficulty of flying in general:
Sadly, it doesn’t look like the beta will be able to answer my questions about single-player substance. I’d hoped to have a good nose around the campaign, but post-sortie crashes (of both kinds) have so far prevented this. At first glance the set-up seems relatively promising. You begin by choosing a historical squadron (and therefore a sector of the vast Front map) from a long list. If the breadth of that choice translates into mission variety, lively battlespaces, and strong squadron identities then all will be well. A solid campaign would certainly help counter apparent shortcomings like the lack of a skirmish generator, and the shortage of steeds. It seems RoF will ship with just two (admittedly highly detailled) flyables. Additional craft like the Albatross and Nieuport 17 will be made available later as payware extras.
Anyhow, as the release date gets closer I expect we'll see more interesting reviews, so keep on the lookout!

(thanks to VD at the SimHQ forums for the heads-up on the ND Games press release)

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