Rise of Flight registration problems due to email providers

Posted by David on June 27, 2009 08:48 PM

Aha!  Neoqb found that rather than their own servers being the cause of the new user registration fiasco, it was actually due to email providers who thought their servers were being flooded with spam.  So says Jason of 777 Studios, who relayed this information on behalf of neoqb:

Greetings ROF players,

The email issue yesterday was not the problem of our servers. All servers worked in a proper way. When it doesn’t work than all users cannot see the main page of our site. All pages worked in a proper way all day long. The customers couldn’t see the registration page after pushing the button «Register» because of the another reason. At night (00:00 by Moscow time) a lot of users try to register at the same time (more than 50 users in 15 minutes). Some of users emails providers thought that it was a spam attack from neoqb email (rof@neoqb.com), wrote to our email provider and our email on smtp-server (it makes possible to send emails to our customers) was darted for 6 hours. Our team began to work in 1:43 pm (by Moscow time) and is working now to help our North American customers to activate Rise of Flight and play it. Our team called our email provider to solve out the problem ASAP. So the registration page started working in a proper way in 5:00 by Moscow time. But we’ve got another problem that some users couldn’t get confirmation emails. It was also connected with the banning of our email address on the smtp-server. So our web team has turned off the requirement of the confirmation email until we will solve the problem with our email provider out. Now the customer should register at https://riseofflight.com/SpecialPages/Logon.aspx?ReturnUrl=http%3a%2f%2friseofflight.com%2fHome.aspx and after filling all fields and pushing the button «Register» you will be transferred to the page «Profile» where you can put the license key of your game and activate it without any confirmation email.

One important notice: check that you put your valid email without any mistakes in spelling

One more time Rise of Flight support team are very sorry for Rise of Flight problems in activation process. If you continue to have any problems with Rise of Flight than please write to rof@neoqb.com and our support team is ready to help you as soon as possible with Rise of Flight!

Neoqb team appreciates your patience!
Nice to hear this, and it's nice to hear that it looks like everyone's able to register and play!

See you in the skies!

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