Rise of Flight patch 1.007 brings the Sopwith Dolphin and Pfalz D.XII

Posted by David on October 01, 2009 12:29 AM

Rise of Flight's Pfalz D.XIILast week patch 1.007 was released for Rise of Flight!  I'm a bit late here, so I won't say much but post the patch notes :)

Update 1.007 (25.09.2009) List of improvements and changes.

1. MAIN:
1.1. German localization.
1.2. French localization.
1.3. Spanish localization.
1.4. Sopwith Dolphin added.
1.5. Pfalz D.XII added.

2.1. Sound "clics" was reduced significantly.

3.1. Fokker D.VII now touches the ground when landed.

4.1. Breguet 14 now bombing at ground point (attack_area -> attack_ground).
4.2. Fixed ground collision evasion in combat mode.
4.3. AI now follow to mission altitude correctly.
4.4. Fixed single target attack when "attack group" checkbox is off in Attack command.

Rise of Flight's Sopwith Dolphin5. GUI
5.1. Active edit box now highlighted.
5.2. Single missions list now works faster.
5.3. Doubled awards position merging fixed.
5.4. Now map will follow for player icon by default (no RESET pressing required now).
5.5. Awards now changes when changing profile.
5.6. Wrong fuel load when user have set it to 0% in Hangar fixed.
5.7. Fixed "%" symbol in effectiveness section of profile statistics (bombing and gunnery effectiveness).
5.8. Fixed truncating of the "0" symbol in begin of chat messages.
5.9. Fixed player map icon disappearing when we move camera far away from player and (after that) back to the cockpit.
5.10. Mistype on career screen in date format fixed (English localization).
5.11. Truncated names in chat fixed.
5.12. Incorrect Russian localization of single mission folders names fixed.
5.13. Year in New Career (Select Year) dialog now can't be highlighted like a text selection.
5.14. Muddle USA and GB ensigns fixed.
5.15. Moreul town name mistype fixed.
5.16. "About" screen updated.
5.17. Aiming Helper now appearing when attacking balloons.
5.18. Fixed Streak counting in debriefing.
5.19. Too dark text in chat input line fixed.
5.20. S.E.5a plane description mistype fixed.
5.21. Mistype in "Fokker D.VII badge" award fixed.

6. 3D:
6.1. Albatros D.III, SPAD 13.C1, Nieuport 28.C1 Cockpit shadowing bugs fixed (internal structure shadows when sun shining from back).
6.2. Nieuport 17 - gun sight connection to airframe fixed (in cockpit view).
6.3. Albatros D.III, Albatros D.Va, Pfalz D.IIIa - MG belt not hides when ammo is out.
6.4. Pfalz D.IIIa MG levers doubled animation on external 3D fixed.
6.5. Bombs now are visible at LOW graphics settings.
6.6. S.E.5a - MG lever tip moving out through cowl panel fixed.

7.1. Too small main objective markers on the mission map in "Train Destruction" mission fixed.

8.1. Profile statistics now should not updates if "Unlimited fuel" or "Unlimited ammo" or "Invulnerability for weapons" or "Safety collisions" is used in mission options.
8.2. Exploded planes now listing in kill count (fixed bug, when firing causes plane explosion in the air was not counted).
8.3. Now all tank types are counting in profile statistics.
8.4. Kills/Deaths parameter should now counting in terms, not in percents (to within 0.01).
8.5. Fixed random bug with failed statistics calculation in the end of a multiplayer mission.


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