Rise of Flight patch 1.006 brings more GUI improvements

Posted by David on September 03, 2009 01:30 AM

The neoqb team has still been hard at work on Rise of Flight, which is now available worldwide.  The fruit of their most recent efforts has been revealed as they released patch 1.006 on Tuesday (September 1).  (See patch notes below)

It looks like many of the improvements have been on the GUI, but there are also various other improvements throughout the game.  All together this patch totals 199mb, and if you're a hardcore fan you have already downloaded it and read the patch notes.

But just in case you haven't...  :)

• Suicidal behavior of AI plane when receiving leadership after death of its flight leader (waypoint-following mode) has been fixed.
• AI of Pfalz D.IIIa has been fixed for takeoff and landing with different wind directions (5m/s).
• AI Planes now drop all bombs when attacking ground point.

2. MAIN:

• Master-Server selection process has been fixed (now when one of MS is down the game should successfully connect to other MS which are listed in Startup.cfg).
• Huge performance slowdown when massive MG firing has been fixed.
• TrackIR stuttering when Use Force Feedback checkbox is on has been fixed.


• MaxClients option has been fixed (limitation for number of users on game server: pilots + spectators, over-limit clients will be disconnected after mission loading).
• Removed «caching» of external IP and Ports numbers – now there should be no «Downloading error» occurred when game-server is hosted several times with same name but with different external IP or Ports.
• Ban logic has been corrected.
• Cockpit clocks and daytime changing for clients has been fixed.
• A game crash when killed pilot is removed has been fixed.
• Chat message like “0101010101” now should be transferred correctly.
• Planes settings are not saved if you have not switched to planes list – fixed.
• Default missions should not be downloaded from game server now (only .list files may appear now in data\multiplayer\cooperative).

• Autoengage of AutoLevel when start in the air has been fixed.
• Takeoff with cold engine now will cause damage approximately in 1 of 3 cases (except planes with rotative engine).
• MG misfire sequence now should be random from mission to mission.
• Nieuport 17.C1, Fokker D.VII – air frame durability against MG fire has been fixed.

• Only one mission per day is possible now.

• Now it should work correctly with any windows desktop DPI.

7. VIEW:
• FOV saving when editing cockpit views has been fixed.
• Removed auto-centering of cockpit view when TrackIR is inactive.
• Miss of correlation between mouse wheel cockpit zoom and keyboard keys cockpit zoom has been fixed.
• Snap-view saving precision has been increased.
• Cockpit (Head) zoom control from joystick axis has been fixed.
• All planes default (zero) view positions were corrected.

• Problem which caused malfunction of autolevel after you had customized this command in Settings.exe was fixed (NOTE: custom input profiles made before 1.006 now are obsolete – please remove them).
• Force Feedback profile works ok now for "SideWinder" joysticks without "Microsoft" prefix in their name.

9. GUI:

• Ban list was joined with planes list in multiplayer pre-mission.
• Icons logic has been modified.
• Login screen - input limitation for password and login has been removed.
• Server name limitations were removed.
• Localized skin names were added.
• Localized names of folders in Single Mission List were added.
• The server where you have been banned in now marked in Server List by grey; also ban remaining time now is displayed in Server List.
• New images of mission loading dialog added.
• Ban list has been fixed – percents calculation, availability of voting, scrollbar.
• Simple gauges – temperature arrow random drop down bug has been fixed.
• Inability to change mission rotation queue when filled mission rotation list is loaded from master has been fixed.
• FPS drop when icons are on has been fixed.
• FPS drop when simple gauges are on has been fixed.
• Map reset when there is no player icon has been fixed.
• Simple gauges wind direction indication has been fixed.
• Player icon now removes when player has finished mission or died.
• Max RPM indicator (red sector) has been fixed (when cold engine warming up – it should moves).
• Gauges now should be displayed on mission start if they were enabled in mission options.
• Gauges, Map and Icons now do not overlap training mission scenes.
• Several known mistypes in descriptions were fixed.
• Map – several known bugs were fixed (Villers Bretonneux, Gengoult, Clairmarais, Bertangles, Cachy, Moreul).

10. 3D:

• Fokker D.VII, Albatros D.Va, Pfalz D.IIIa – MG belt animation has been fixed.
• Gun sight position is fixed for all planes, now it’s tuned to 150m cross point.
• Engine decompression handle was added to all German plane’s cockpit.
• Graphics bugs at LOW graphics settings were fixed.
• Nieuport 28.C1 External 3D central struts disappearing at far distance has been fixed.
• Nieuport 17.C1, Nieuport 28.C1 – gun sight was added to cockpit.
• Albatros D.Va Tail skid now correctly updrawned from floor.
• Pfalz D.IIIa All known bugs in 3D model were fixed.
SimHQ post: 199 meg patch out !