Rise of Flight official website is online!

Posted by David on August 31, 2008 05:16 PM


Check it out! It looks like it's still being developed - most visibly is the link to the unfinished blog.

In addition to some great screenshots and concept art, it's got a page with some "key game features". Here's some that are new/noteworthy:

  • Alive world — huge territory (125 000 km2, giving maximal freedom of decision-making to players).
  • Automatic adjustment of AI depending on player piloting style.
  • An Opportunity to create individual colors for planes with PaintKit.
  • Combined management of all ingame technical equipment together with AI.
  • Brand new game engine.
  • Virtual museum — a new way of studying history of airplanes, pilots and WWI.
  • Realistic model of plane dynamics and detailed engine parts.

And a game description:

Genre: multiuser aircraft simulator with strong on-line elements.
The world of game is the world of the military Europe of 1917—1918.
Game represents 4 parts of the conflict, namely England, Germany, France and the USA.
Pilots will lift their planes with various tasks: updating artillery fire, investigation, support and interception of bombers, duel battles between the most known aces.
On a huge map, about 125 000 km², the World War I is taking its place. One of the most important parts of this conflict was war for domination in air.
This is the era of the first air heroes full of reckless courage trying to prove superiority over the opponent. War — where pilots knew the opponents by name and showed respect to the enemy worthy of knight tournaments.

The frontline is a huge scar which last through Western Europe, constant air battles take place for 4 years during the War.

And minimum system requirements!

  • Platform: PC
  • Processor: CoreDuo (Intel) 2.4 Ghz
  • RAM: 2Gb
  • Hard drive: 4Gb
  • Videocard: 256Mb onboard memory (NVidia GeForce 8600 series or higher)
  • Internet: speed at least 256 kb/s
  • Operation system: Windows XP/Vista