Rise of Flight: new screenshots from the past week

Posted by David on May 17, 2009 07:20 PM

The amount of screenshots coming out of Russia means I'll actually have to get selective about which screenshots to post!  There's also been a bunch of videos being uploaded to YouTube and elsewhere, and I've tried to keep track of these as they come out by accumulating them all into one thread: the post on my forum here and my post on SimHQ's forum.

And here's the screenshot highlights from this week!  These are from the Sukhoi forum, and I've tried to give credit to the original uploader where possible.  Let me know if your screenshot is posted here without credit, and I'll fix it!  Many thanks to the original uploaders.

Edit: thanks to Josef Chıle for the correction to the Albatros D.V screenshot!

Rise of Flight screenshots
Rise of Flight screenshots from the release week (May 2009)