Rise of Flight: Mission editor confirmed, four planes available at release

Posted by David on October 16, 2008 01:13 AM

Rise of Flight websiteLook no further than the comments on the Rise of Flight blog for answers straight from the horse's mouth (err..  people translating this page will have to pardon me for that particularly weird phrase).

LOFT has just confirmed that the mission editor will be part of the game (woo!) and that in fact the game will have two planes included for free: Newport 28, Albatros D5.  On the day of release, there will be additional planes available for some undetermined price: Spad XIII and Fokker DVII:

1) Yes, we are preparing full missions’editor for the release. It will be available soon, that’s all I can say by now 2) Free: Newport 28, Albatros D5. Also you will be able to get two new planes at the day of release for additional payment - Spad XIII, Fokker DVII. Further we plan to let out 1-2 new planes in a month (preliminary) 3) We do our best to make game ready by 2008. Under specific circumstances it may be ready by first quarter 2009.

EDIT: And since there's a separate set of comments on the Russian Rise of Flight blog, LOFT answered some more questions over there..  if you can understand the translation:

The answer to the question: yes, in addition planed mount grass to physics, le it will be different forces, including those it will "bow" of the flow generated by the screw.  While no such tests havenot yet done, but it is far more than our imagination, but such plans exist.

(via the Rise of Flight blog)