Rise of Flight interview (demo confirmed!)

Posted by David on March 12, 2009 02:46 PM

ROF Fokker screenshotNeoqb was kind enough to provide WWI Air Combat with some answers to some recent speculation about Rise of Flight regarding copy protection, as well as other questions regarding a demo of the game and internet connection requirements.  They were also kind enough to let me post some of my own screenshots :).  Click on any screenshot to see it in full resolution (1440x900px).

1. Will there be a downloadable beta or game demo? If so, is there a timeframe on when it will be released?
We plan to release a free demo-version of «ROF». Release dates TBA. We will publish all information regarding demo-version on our blog.
2. Other than a downloadable version of the game, will non-Russians be able to buy a boxed version of the game? Any chance at a "collector's edition" of the game?
Our main target is to reach every interested user and to make «Rise of Flight» available for everyone. That's why we are taking every possible option (Russian and foreign publishers) in order to deliver our product to our customers in a hard and digital copy. Collector's edition will not be available outside Russian market. After master-disk release we will publish on our blog the list of counties where the game in a box set will be available.
ROF Dogfight3. Do I need an internet connection to play ROF?
Yes, because first of all we are talking about online service, where you can get together with many other people with same interests, where you can get in groups and play against other users or AI and many more.
4. What kind of copy protection is used in ROF?
User online authorization, which processed in game GUI each time you startup "Rise of Flight".
5. Can I play ROF in offline mode?
No, you can't.
6. If an internet connection fails while playing ROF, what will happen? Can I start the next mission? Same with career mode, what will happened with my statistics?
"Connection error" message will appear and you will not be able to continue without proper internet connection, thus all statistics will be lost. But if connection to the internet will be reestablished before the end of the mission this problem might not appear. Please note that multiplayer mode will crash due to lack of internet connection.
ROF screenshot7. If an internet connection is required, what amount of traffic (in/out) will there be within one hour?
In multiplayer mode, depending on eventfulness, there will be considerable amount of traffic.
In singleplayer mode (single mission, training, career) - the amount of traffic will be minimal (only statistics and system messages)
8. What advantages will I have when playing ROF (online connection)?
- Most of game settings are saved (backed up) on our master-server. (After terminal change all settings will be transferred automatically)
- Integrated statistics system
- The rules of our game will not change (the same rules apply for all users) in multiplayer and single player mode. Thus both modes will provide competitive game play for all users
- We do not have content scramble system, thus there is no problems.
- Possibility to update game (most of game files) without any downloading and installing.
- And many more
9. Can I download patches separately? How do I install them? (do I need to have an internet connection)?
- The system works automatically. All available patches will be downloaded and installed automatically each time user startup the game.
- In order to provide competitive game play for all users (fair play) you will only be able to run your game if you have the latest patch installed on your system
- To download the latest patch (update) your pc should be connected to the internet.
10. Can I play unpaid versions of ROF (early versions) if I [ed: don't] have an internet connection?
No, you can't
11. What is the patch size?
From 50 up to 200 Mb.

ROF Screenshot
ROF Screenshot
ROF Screenshot
ROF Screenshot
ROF Screenshot
Little side note: I had an AWESOME picture of a mid-air collision, but for some reason Fraps was acting up and the picture and video never got saved :(

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