Rise of Flight blog premiere today

Posted by David on September 29, 2008 10:15 AM

Neoqb preparing their boothThe Rise of Flight developer blog finally went live today!  It has only a few entries so far, including one with more pictures from the Leipzig GC.  It looks like this will be the new medium to post their weekly updates on.

The other two entries discuss the detailed (and historically accurate!) game map, with an image comparison of the rendered world and the actual area as shown on Google maps.  And the other entry has a detailed discussion of the unparalleled damage modeling.  Each plane is made of 25+ separate elements that each have their independent physics modeling:

Due to the difference of weight the flight path will change when any part of our plane, for example, a wing piece is damaged. The same rules apply when the player changes his flight direction and air streams passing through the plane varies. We can easily say that this is authentic modeling of collision consequences. Moreover, the piece which has come off the plane continues to fall down with the account of unique features of this broken piece according to laws of physics!

Originally due out in May, the developer blog was planned to be released close to the game's release.  Also planned is an official forum, which has been much needed since their old Gennadich forum was closed down earlier this year (in March) when they started transitioning to neoqb.

Anyhow, enough of my talking - go check out the blog for yourself!  Log in an post a comment on their blog and show your support :)

Albert Zhiltsov, Game Producer for neoqb

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