Red Baron 3D source code update

Posted by David on June 05, 2008 02:25 PM

CannonGT, leading the efforts in making available the RB3D source code, has been successful in acquiring the code (edit: the code has not been acquired or even located - please see the most recent update here) but hasn't made any progress in making it legally available for anyone else to download. That we've come this far at all has been to Vivendi's gracious attitude toward fans of its games. However, the recent merger of Vivendi/Activision/Blizzard has changed all of this. Vivendi alone no longer has a say in the legal implications of making available the source code:

CannonGT: Vivendi's policy of permitting "fan projects" such as those we would like to pursue on RB3D, is apparently not shared by Blizzard or Activision. While they might be willing at some point to sell the rights to RB3D, those rights would probably have a price tag in at least the six-figure range. Why? Because there are still other Red Baron gaming concepts in development. It is less expensive for them to simply hold the rights to the Red Baron marque altogether, than it is to carve out a trademark/tradename exception in a limited license.

This leaves us where we are now - trying to get an entity that does not want to waste time on us to agree to the free download concept. I was told it was unlikely that the new legal team in charge of these rights will be willing to discuss the free download concept.

However, there is no harm in trying, so I have calendared 90 days to contact the former Vivendi GC and get the contact information for the GC of the merged entity. I will then contact that individual and make the pitch. (link)

As a poster at Wings of Valor says, "just change the name!" If only it was that easy!

Well, here's hoping anyway!