Red Baron 3D source code is missing!

Posted by David on May 04, 2008 05:38 PM

(via Wings of Honour):

Wings of Valor has a thread discussing the possibility of acquiring the source code to the legendary Red Baron 3D. The only problem: no one knows where it is!

CannonGT: To make a long story short, after we ultimately convinced Vivendi to allow limited access to the source code and signed the necessary documents in blood, early in 2007 Vivendi sent Klay a CD with miscellaneous files related to RB3D, but no source code. After several months of further discussion, it was determined that Vivendi cannot locate the source code. It is possible that the data was lost, or even stolen, during the series of corporate acquisitions – we simply do not know. At Swamp’s suggestion, I even offered a monetary reward to any Vivendi employee who could locate the code – with no takers. I was told by Vivendi that if it was ever located they would let me know, but we may as well wait for DB Cooper to walk into an FBI office and turn himself in. (source: Wings of Valor forum)

Also, when Gremlin posted this on Wings of Honour, he was told by CannonGT to put a link to his legal disclaimer, so I'm following suit and doing the same!