Over Oleg's Fields: new IL-2 WWI mod in development

Posted by David on February 09, 2009 11:28 AM

Over Oleg's Fields: Fokker EIII in development(via Wings of Honour, All Aircraft Arcade forums)

According to a poll over at the All Aircraft Arcade forums, 90% of the 250 voting members who normally fly IL-2 (WWII planes) would be open to flying WWI aircraft!  This has led to the formation of a group to develop a bunch of WWI addons for IL-2, in a project called Over Oleg's Fields (section on my website coming soon).  For those not "in the know", Oleg Maddox is the big hitter behind IL-2, and they're currently working on its sequel, Storm of War: Battle of Britain.

As Wings of Honour points out, notice that it's no mistake the title resembles that of Over Flanders Fields.  And you'll notice that "Over Oleg's Fields" has the rather amusing acronym "OOF".  I like it!

There's currently around 10 members on the development team so far, but they still need more volunteers.

So far they've been working on the map and the following aircraft: Albatros D.III, Fokker E.III, Sopwith Camel F.I, Fokker Dr.I, Gotha G. IVand the Handley Page 400.

Looks interesting so far, but the issue here always seems to be the flight models.  Will WWI flight models work in a sim made for faster WWII aircraft?  We'll see!  Definitely worth it to check it out.