Over Oleg's Fields mod progress

Posted by David on March 08, 2009 11:09 PM

OOF Project Leader avatarOver Oleg's Fields (OOF), the new WWI mod for IL-2, seems to be making steady progress.  They still have no main website, but they're busy making models and skins of aircraft and ground objects.  Most of their progress can be seen in on the forums at All Aircraft Aircade.

I also enjoyed seeing some of their signatures, so I decided to post those along with these new screenshots and test videos!

OOF: Albatros DVIIs on the runway
OOF: Albratros DVIIs on the runway
Signature picture of OOF Team Member EasyRider
Signature picture of OOF Team member Friction

(via Wings of Honour)

Over Oleg's Fields: new IL-2 WWI mod in development