Over Oleg's Fields interview with Wings of Honour

Posted by David on April 21, 2009 09:18 PM

Over Oleg's Fields screenshot(via Wings of Honour)

Rüdiger 'Gremlin' Gemmrig has a nice interview with the Over Oleg's Fields team up at Wings of Honour.  If you hadn't heard, Over Oleg's Fields (OOF) is a WWI mod for IL-2 that's still in development.  Included in the interview are some screenshots, so go check it out!

Here's a preview:

WoH: Will you offer fighter planes as well as 2-seaters and multi-crew bombers?

IAF.116~Jagr: Yes.

WoH: What planes will be on your list for the first release and what planes will be added in the long run?

IAF.116~Jagr: We have many planes, ships and ground equipment for this. We are currently looking at 12 planes (6 each side) for the first release and the rest to follow. Not sure at this time what ones they will be, but for sure the Fokker D.VII, SE5a, HP o 400 and the Gotha G. IV will be there.

It's nice to see the interest that's developed around OOF, and hopefully we'll see something released soon.  No word on when the first release will be ready as far as I can tell.

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