Over Flanders Fields patch 1.26 and hotfix

Posted by David on March 08, 2009 09:22 PM

Over Flanders Fields bandaidAbout a week and a half after the last update, the Over Flanders Fields team scrambled to get together a lot of new fixes, many which were suggested by players.  Here's the patch notes and the download for 1.26 (45.4mb).

Also be sure to grab the hotfix for 1.26 which was posted today.  It fixes a performance issue with AI formation flying.

1.26 patch notes

7 March 2009

Improvements and Fixes in V1.26:

- German medals revised
- Gun Jams made optional in workshops
- Cloud Fog on/off now does not affect realism rating (for players who do not want to use this)
- Ranks of AI squadron members changed to match the ranks of the actual squad (Naval etc)
- AI Gun Ranges adjusted
- AI Gun Ranges now also scalable with other AI guns in workshops
- All guns hit damage now scalable in workshops - applies to ALL guns
- FM improvements, roll rates for some, altitude performance improved mainly on inlines plus Fe2b. Stall and spin effects improved on some.
- CoG fixed to fly more level on some craft that were too nose or tail heavy.
- Damage values of all craft wings and wing tips reduced. Control cables and Ailerons strengthened.
- N11 N16 N17 and Albs lower sesquiplane wings weakened slightly
- Somme Battle Map now Reflects Verdun battle as well
- Manager now relates all dates in long format eg 16 February 1916
- Frescaty Airfield moved away from hills
- 2 seater rear gunner can now be killed from below
- 2 seater rear gunner angles of fire revised
- Some high speed craft have revised G settings (will need a more gentle pullout of high speed dives!).
- RFC 11 - Bristol Skin Error - Fixed
- Esc 15 - Nieuport 11 not available - Fixed
- Improved workshops identification of Graphics setup.
- AI target strike issues work around (player leads ground strikes).
- N11 low level AI dogfight performance improved
- News Paper Font made clearer
- Historical Weather database error - Fixed
(via Over Flanders Fields)