Over Flanders Fields patch 1.25 released

Posted by David on February 25, 2009 11:42 AM

Bandaids over Flanders fields...I was a bit late on this one, sorry!  This is an all-inclusive patch, meaning you don't need any of the previous patches in order to update.

Download patch 1.25 here (13.2 MB) (note: this patch is for Phase 3: Between Heaven and Hell)

Patch notes:

Improvements and Fixes in V1.25:

Includes various Multi Player (MP) fixes:
- Vista MP CFS3 ‘mismatch’ fix
- MP should now not exit when Player or Host dies in sim.

- Mission altitudes clamped to not exceed craft max ceiling
- Log Book now scrolls when long claim reports are entered
- Mission Builder: Sqd craft that should be used for player craft (i.e. with a cockpit!) are now indicated by a * after the XDP shortname to aid mission building.
- In Cloud Fog fixed and is now selectable in Workshops (re vertical sheet clouds)
- Improved Realism settings in Workshop.