Over Flanders Fields officially released, orders start shipping!

Posted by David on January 14, 2009 12:21 PM

Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven and Hell
After a long wait and great expectations, Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven and Hell (Phase 3) was released today.  It is a total conversion mod for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 (CFS3).

The DVD is available for order on the Over Flanders Fields website for $50 plus $9 shipping, which seems a bit steep considering it's an expansion to CFS3 and also considering the recession we're in currently.  The previous OFF releases were released as free downloads and DVD swaps, but there has now been considerably more time and effort put into the latest offering.  But I have no doubt that it should be worth it, as the OFF team has poured their hearts and souls into this.  Worried about the fact it runs on CFS3, which was released in 2002?  As Gremlin at Wings of Honour puts it, "This is a total conversion based on Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 3 and there is little resemblance to it anymore".  However, if you are planning on purchasing it, you must be sure to have a copy of CFS3 before installing!

It is a must-buy for anyone who has enjoyed Over Flanders Fields in the past and a must-try if you haven't tried it before!  If you are new to Over Flanders Fields and hesitant to purchase, check out some of the videos that have been released over the past year or so.

I ordered my copy today and I expect to be putting enough time into it before writing my review.  I'll be posting updates until then!

See more pictures in their official gallery.

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Original article: Breaking: Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven and Hell (Phase 3) is now available for order by DVD on their main website.

(via Wings of Honour, Over Flanders Fields website)